A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Controls :

W, A, S, D - to move the player

Mouse - to look around

Left Click - to shoot the crossbow

Right Click - to place a decoy where the monsters will follow for a few seconds

Created By :

Jason Yap (Quan Hui Yap)

Genaro Vallejo Reyes

Twitter :


Install instructions

Mac :

Extract ArrowPain_Mac.zip

Run ArrowPain_Mac

Enjoy the game

Windows :

Extract ArrowPain_WIndows_64Bit.zip

Open ArrowPain_WIndows_64Bit Folder

Run ArrowPain_WIndows_64Bit.exe

Enjoy the game


ArrowPain_Mac.zip 85 MB
ArrowPain_Windows_64Bit.zip 113 MB


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Deleted post

Haha, thanks for playing and sorry that it was buggy.