A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A scientist was working on a team research group on a spaceship with his wife. One day, they all go missing when exploring a space station. Lorean, the main protagonist went to the space station to find his wife and the rest of the team. He has to now travel through space, finding clues and discovering how deadly space is.

Controls :

W, A, S, D to move the character

Mouse to look around

Created By :

Jason Yap

Narain Ratan

Genaro Vellejo Reyes

Twitter :


Install instructions

Mac :

Extract Lunatic_Mac.zip

Run Lunatic_Mac

Enjoy the game

Windows :

Extract Lunatic_WIndows_64Bit.zip

Open Lunatic_WIndows_64Bit Folder

Run Lunatic_WIndows_64Bit.exe

Enjoy the game


Lunatic_Mac.zip 59 MB
Lunatic_Windows_64Bit.zip 87 MB


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How come there are 2 profiles with the exact same game?